Tuesday, 11 December 2018

the lost reindeer

       The lost reindeer

Zzzzzz went santa. Wake up said Mrs claus its the 20th of december we need to get the reindeers and presents ready hurry hurry. (so they went down to there work shop and started wrapping the presents it took them 2 days to do all the kids in the world.)      

22nd of december 

they were done all they had to do was get the reindeers ready woosh,scrub,ouch,woo went Santa cleaning the reindeers. ahh done. Now I can relax replied Santa. NO said Mrs claus you have to pack your sleigh. After you do that I can make you hot coco and some food.

Thursday, 15 November 2018



1. slime machine -Brylee and Charlotte 
2.gumball shooter-Bailee and Madi

kids would play and make slime with the slime machine
 its ages 4 plus. You can sell the slime machine to kids 4 plus and other people that like slime. 

For the gumball shooter you would get a gumball shot it in someone else  mouth for a reward you would get to make slime.

The things you need to make the slime machine
cardboard, paint,  glue, borax ,water, 1 empty soap container ,any  food colouring and string. 

Things you need to make the gumball shooter
the gumball shooter is ages 8 plus you need cardboard, paint, pva glue, gumballs and a lid big enough .

These are really good thing for kids to play with.

Thursday, 8 November 2018



On wenesday  7th of November  Pakuranga heights school had athletics there was many different activities that we would. Do like Sprinting,long jump,high jump,four hundred meters and soft ball i came 1st for four hundred meters and for sprints i came 1st second and 3rd. My favourite thing was four hundred meters 

Thursday, 25 October 2018

tropical beach in Hawaii

Tropical beach in Hawaii

Whoosh! Went the ocean breeze as it blows my hair side to side on the tropical beach in Hawaii. The sand felt so good between my feet as I slid my feet into the golden sand.I watched the sunset go down slowly by the minute.While, I went back to the hotel I drank my tropical juice with my pink straw and a little umbrella “Ahh” that was refreshing.as i think about my day laying back into my cozy bed.

Thursday, 18 October 2018


On Thursday the 9th of october i was lying on my bed on my phone when my mum came in and said get up we are going to sylvia park to get your clothes for cultural festival and to see how much flights are to go to Australia.
We went in and the lady called us and we sat down she printed a paper with the prices and they were a couple thousand dollars. So a few days later my mum booked the tickets. After she booked the tickets we went to get my passport photo taken. My mum said we can go to a theme park or a animal park and i decided to go to a theme park called movie world  

My mum showed me the rides and they looked so amazing AND COOL.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Sunday, 1 July 2018